Traction Compound

Track Claw Ultimate Dry Tire Race Formula

Introducing Track Claw, the pinnacle of dry tire technology designed exclusively for the high-stakes world of no prep RC racing. Developed through rigorous research, development, and testing, Track Claw has shattered records and redefined performance standards. This ultimate race formula is engineered to be used before competition and in-between rounds, ensuring your tires are in peak condition when it matters most.

When combined with Bear Claw Ultimate Tire Conditioner, Track Claw unlocks unprecedented levels of grip on the track, giving you the competitive edge needed to leave your opponents in the dust. Its formula is designed to dry quickly, minimizing downtime and maximizing your time on the track. For optimal performance, apply Track Claw to your tires and heat them to a precise 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit before your run. This process ensures the compound penetrates deep into the tire, providing unmatched traction and handling.

Available exclusively through RC Street Wars at, Track Claw is not just a product; it's your secret weapon in the intense world of no prep RC racing. Don't just compete; dominate with Track Claw Dry Tire Ultimate Race Formula.



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