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Bear Claw Maximum Tire Conditioner

Introducing the "Bear Claw Ultimate Tire Conditioner: The Grip that Rips" from RC Street Wars, now enhanced for the true aficionado of No Prep "Dry Tire" racing! This innovative tire conditioner is the secret ingredient behind our multiple world record-setting achievements. What sets the Bear Claw apart is its 100% glue and adhesive-free formula, specifically crafted for maximum traction in dry tire racing scenarios. It's not just about speed; it's about handling and control, and the Bear Claw delivers on all fronts. After extensive testing in the most demanding conditions, we are excited to make this revolutionary product available to all RC enthusiasts. Experience a new level of performance without compromising the integrity of your tires. Available for purchase at under the products section, the Bear Claw Ultimate Tire Conditioner is your key to dominating the track. Get yours today and unleash the full potential of your RC car!

How To Use and Apply Bear Claw Video Link 

$30.00 4 oz
RC Street Wars
Tire Conditioner:
Bear Claw

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