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Kyosho Inferno MP10 TKI2 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit

The Kyosho Inferno MP10 TKI2 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit epitomizes the evolution of the Inferno series, Introducing a fresh era of enhanced performance. The TKI2 model signifies a comprehensive re-engineering effort, marking a distinct chapter in the illustrious history of the Inferno series. Drawing insights from meticulous test data gathered in actual racing scenarios, the TKI2 has undergone precision modifications, elevating its performance to new heights.

About The MP10 TKI2


Both the front and rear shocks boast an additional 3mm in length compared to the standard MP10, featuring 4mm longer front shafts and 3mm longer rear shafts. Correspondingly, the springs have been extended to match. With a front length of 78mm and a rear length of 95mm, these adjustments ensure superior shock absorption throughout the entire suspension stroke.


The updated gearing introduces alterations to both the differential gear and bevel gear tooth count, effectively lowering the secondary reduction ratio from the MP10's 3.31:1 to the TKI2's 3.5:1. This enhancement enhances acceleration traits and responsiveness to the driver's throttle commands, ensuring superior maneuverability on the track.

Shock Towers

Paired with the extended shocks, the optional shock stay is now included as standard, featuring optimized mounting positions and a fresh color. This allows for an increased suspension stroke, enhancing stability and running performance over surface gaps and jump landings.


  • This model represents the continuous evolution of the Inferno MP10 built on its racing achievements around the world.
  • Revised reduction ratio delivers improved maneuverability from the proven speed and reliability of the inherited shaft-driven 4WD system.
  • Broad ranging modifications have greatly improve handling characteristics
  • Competition-level model features a combination of newly designed components and race-proven optional parts included as standard.
  • Lengthened diaphragm-type front and rear oil shocks provide excellent stability.
  • Addition of collar between the steering rod and knuckle arm optimize bump steer characteristics.
  • Uniquely designed body incorporates the latest aerodynamic technology.


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