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Savox SB2267SG - High Voltage, Steel Gear, Monster, Low Profile Servo, 0.065sec / 444.4oz @ 8.4V

"Plus" series servos feature Soft Start and Sanwa SSR compatibility. Perfect for the M17 or the Futaba 10Px

High Voltage, Steel Gear, Monster Low Profile Servo with Soft Start, 0.065sec / 444.4oz @ 8.4V

The Savox SB-2267SG Plus is a high torque, steel-geared, digital, low profile servo that features an all black color for a stealth look in RC cars. great replacement for standard, plastic-geared servos with less torque.


  • Unique steel gear train.
  • Capable of HV operation.
  • Brushless motor for smooth operation and efficiency.
  • Ideal for 1/10 on road vehicles.


  • Torque @ 7.4V: 25.0 kg-cm/347.2 oz-in
  • Torque @ 8.4V: 32.0 kg-cm/444.4 oz-in
  • Speed @ 7.4V: 0.08 sec/60 deg
  • Speed @ 8.4V: 0.065 sec/60 deg
  • Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 40.8 x 20.2 x 26.05
  • Weight: 57.0g
Savox Black Edition

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